Combating Climate Change

We're already feeling the effects of climate change here in Florida and those effects only stand to get worse in years to come. Warmer ocean waters will enable hurricanes to strengthen more easily and rising sea levels will worsen landfall impacts in coastal communities. For decades now, the federal government has largely ignored this issue, in large part because of the corrupting influence of campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

In the face of this inaction, it's vital that cities and towns across the United States do everything they can to transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy technologies as soon as possible. Even if the individual impacts on carbon emissions are small, the aggregate effect can be truly transformational. I want Tallahassee and Leon County to lead the way in these efforts, which is why I support drafting a plan to transition to 100% renewable energy countywide by 2035, using a combination of photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicle (EV), and battery-storage technologies.



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